Serving as a ‘Distant Witness’ to the Arab Spring

Distant WitnessEHAB ZAHRIYEH

In December of 2010, NPR’s senior strategist Andy Carvin noticed unusual Twitter activity coming out of the small North African country of Tunisia. Thousands were protesting against the humiliating treatment of a fruit seller, Mohamed Bouazizi, who then set himself to flames. Tunisians had enough.

Carvin tweeted out: Following protests in Tunisia via #sidibouzid hashtag. Wonder what the chances of all of this leading to a “jasmine revolution.” Don’t know.

Apparently, the chances of a revolution in Tunisia were high, and even influenced citizens of neighboring nations.

In his new book, “Distant Witness: Social Media, The Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution,” the NPR strategist takes us on a Twitter journey through the Arab uprisings from that spark in a small Tunisian town that led to the fall of President Ben Ali to a civil war in Syria. (read more – Daily News)


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