ABC’s George Stephanopoulos grills Dennis Rodman on North Korea’s human rights violations, but what about the U.S.?

George Stephanopoulos was right in his interview with Dennis Rodman to charge at the former NBA rebound star on his new North Korea ‘friend.’ But while he aggressively questioned Rodman on Kim Jong Un’s prison camps, I could not stop thinking about the controversy surrounding U.S. prison policies. (Forget about the millions–mostly African-Americans and Latinos– in U.S. detention centers. That’s a whole other issue.)

Guantanamo Bay prison is still open for business. And what about ‘Black Sites?’ Secret CIA prison camps hosted by foreign governments around the world where the ‘War on Terror’ has free range to hold detainees for as long as the U.S. wishes without giving prisoners a proper judicial process. It is believed that there over 50 secret camps in 28 different countries including some Europe. To learn more about ‘Black Sites,’ check out this segment on Democracy Now.

Watch: George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with the former NBA star on his visit to North Korea. Dennis Rodman on ‘This Week’.


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